Special features of linen bedding - a unique sleeping experience 

Sleeping in linen bedding is a special feeling. On the one hand, linen bed linen feels fresh on the skin, and on the other, there is that old feeling of traditional fabrics. Linen bed linen absorbs moisture well and promotes a restful, dry sleeping environment. You too can enjoy the benefits of linen bedding: 

  • Absorbs moisture 
  • Cools in summer 
  • Becomes softer over time
  • Resistant 
  • Skin-friendly 
  • Antistatic 
  • Breathable
  • Pleasant skin feel 
  • Natural material 

Untreated linen bedding is initially somewhat firmer to the touch. Gradually, linen becomes softer and softer through care and use. You can often buy pre-washed linen bedding. These materials are then already softer when you buy them. 

How can I recognize good quality linen? 

As with all textiles, the quality of the raw fibers plays a decisive role in high-quality linen bed linen. The longer and finer the fibers, the finer the quality of the linen. Our partners manufacture their products in Germany, Austria, Portugal, France, Belgium & Lithuania. Only high-quality French, Belgian or Baltic linen is processed in small family businesses. This results in the finest linen bedding, which has a particularly long life if cared for properly. 

Unlike cotton, which consists of a variety of different types of fabric such as satin, percale, oxford, jacquard or jersey, original linen bed linen is made exclusively from linen cloth, jacquard and damask. Linen jacquard bed linen is usually heavier than linen cloth (due to the elaborate pattern weaving). 

Which linen fabric is best for bed linen? 

Pure linen bed linen consists of 100% linen fibers and is therefore particularly skin-friendly, does not become electrostatically charged and ensures an incomparably natural and pleasant bed climate. Bed linen made from pure linen is particularly perspiration-reducing and has a natural, cooling effect. Half-linen consists of linen mixed with cotton fibers. Due to the blend, these comforter covers are somewhat softer, more elastic and more supple than the pure linen fabric used. 

Linen bed linen made to measure 

At bedandroom, every linen bedding set is like a tailor-made suit. Not only do we offer you numerous different designs, we also allow you to vary the pillows and comforter covers according to your wishes and put them together individually. You don't have to buy a set. We use high-quality zippers because they are particularly easy to use. However, many of our bed linen models are also available with buttons, twisted buttons, bottle neck or hotel fasteners. Get to know our unique bedandroom service. Our employees look forward to working with you to realize your wishes. 

Sizes of our pillowcases 

Of course, we also have standard sizes in our portfolio. The most common sizes for pillowcases are 70 x 90 cm and 80 x 80 cm. The special sizes 40 x 80 cm and 50 x 70 cm are also very popular. Of course, we also have numerous other special sizes available. 

Sizes of our comforter covers 

We have elegant, high-quality comforter covers available in the standard sizes 135/140 x 200 cm. Special sizes are available in 155 x 220 cm, 200 x 200 cm and 240 x 220 cm. The portfolio of comforter covers is rounded off by numerous other special sizes. 

Dimensions of our fitted sheets and bed sheets 

We also offer sheets made from this fine fabric in various sizes and designs for an all-round comfortable night's sleep. From fitted sheets to normal sheets, you will find many products for a wide range of mattress sizes and heights.

How do you wash linen bedding correctly? 

With the right care, you can enjoy your elegant linen bedding for a long time, as it is particularly easy to care for. Always wash your linen bed linen with plenty of water. Linen requires more moisture than cotton. If you tumble dry your linen bed linen, please select a setting that allows the fabric to retain some residual moisture. In general, it would be advantageous to avoid tumble drying altogether. Please do not use bleach, as it damages both the fibers and the fabric. 

The right color of your linen bedding for the desired look 

Bettwäsche prägt das Erscheinungsbild Ihres Schlafzimmers entscheidend. Leinenbettwäsche „edel zerknittert“ sorgt für einen lässigen, legeren Look. In Weiß, Beige oder Creme gewählt. wirkt sie wiederum besonders elegant und beruhigend. Möchten Sie ihrem Schlafzimmer eine besondere, modernere Note verleihen, dann sind Grautöne die richtige Wahl. Auch verspieltere Farben wie blasses Rosa oder Blau werden zunehmend beliebter und helfen bei der Untermalung für eine entweder weibliche oder männliche Note. 

Is linen sustainable?

Linen is a particularly undemanding fiber to produce. For this reason, the cultivation of linen consumes few resources. As our linen comes from Europe and is also processed here, bedandroom linen bedding is not subject to a global supply chain. This significantly reduces the global footprint. The working conditions in the linen-processing factories always meet European standards. We have maintained friendly partnerships with many manufacturers and their families for years and visit the factories regularly. It is important to us that our partner manufacturers work with care. 

Buy linen bedding from high-quality brands online 

Für eine umfangreiche Auswahl bieten wir ihnen Leinen-Bettbezüge verschiedenster Marken an. In unserem Portfolio finden sie erlesene Produkte von Vieböck, Christian Fischbacher, Leitner Leinen, Linen Tales, Amalia Home Collection, Celso de Lemos, Elegante, Graser, Libeco und Passion for Linen.

Are you still unsure which linen bedding is right for you? Are you wondering which color best suits your bedroom? Our team will be happy to advise you on choosing the right linen bedding. We look forward to hearing from you. 


At bedandroom, we believe in good quality.

This is especially true for the service we want to offer you. Please send us a message or just give us a call. We will be more than happy to take care of your concerns and wishes. You can reach us via our service telephone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

+43 1 98 224 78


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