Proper cleaning and care of your bedding extends the life of your products and improves your sleeping environment

We sleep well because the detoxification process that is so important for our body takes place largely during sleep.
Every night, we regularly release 0.5 liters of fluid* through the respiratory tract and skin.

Good bed hygiene includes regular bed care. It contributes to a good bed climate and promotes healthy sleep. This includes changing the bed linen once a week
Comforters should be cleaned after approx. 3-4 years and replaced after 10 years at the latest. Pillows should be replaced after approx. 2-3 years.

Airing the bedroom
Thoroughly airing out your bedroom should be an integral part of your morning ritual. Open your windows as wide as possible and let fresh air flow in for about an hour.
This guarantees optimum moisture exchange for your pillows, comforters and mattress toppers and their long life.

Bedding storage
Under no circumstances should bedding be stored in damp rooms. Bedding also needs a sufficient supply of air. We therefore recommend that you store your bedding in breathable bags.

Cashmere & wool
Regular airing is particularly important for bedding with wool and natural fiber fillings.
The bedding should be hung up outside on a damp day. Your comforter will soak up moisture. If you then hang your comforter up again in a dry room, the comforter will release the moisture to the outside.
In the process, impurities are also removed without damaging the material or the fleece of your blanket. This cleaning method is effective and very gentle on the blanket and the environment. Repeat this process regularly.
But be careful: avoid direct sunlight!

Feathers & down
1. fluffing
Daily shaking is enough to loosen up the filling and remove any residual moisture from the night.

2. airing
It is advisable to air the comforters regularly - even outdoors in dry weather. However, blazing sun, fog and rain should be avoided at all costs.

3. brushes
The ticking is woven so tightly and smoothly that dust cannot accumulate. It is therefore sufficient to lightly brush the blanket from time to time.

4. do not knock or vacuum
Please do not use a beater or vacuum cleaner. This would destroy the fine-pored ticking, allowing down to escape. The comforter will then lose its longevity.

Most down comforters can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60°C.
However, please make sure that the drum of the machine is large enough, as the comforter soaks up water during washing and becomes very heavy.
Bedding should always be washed separately with a mild detergent.
Blankets and pillows should always be dried in the tumble dryer, as any lumps that may have formed will separate again. After drying, the pillow or blanket should be checked again for moisture content by kneading it intensively. (Warm bedding feels drier than it actually is).
Do not hang in the sun.

Tencel® / Lyocell® filling
Bedding with this type of filling can be machine washed up to 60°C without any problems. They can be spun, dried and ironed on a low setting. We recommend the use of a mild detergent.

The exact care instructions, including washing temperature and drum size of the washing machine, can be found on the textile label of the individual items.

* 98 % of the sweat released consists of water, 2 % of common salt, urea, sebum and acids. Every night, approx. 1/4 liter of moisture goes directly into your comforter. That's about 90 liters of moisture per year


At bedandroom, we believe in good quality.

This is especially true for the service we want to offer you. Please send us a message or just give us a call. We will be more than happy to take care of your concerns and wishes. You can reach us via our service telephone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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