... with a few tips for long-lasting pleasure with linen

With the right care, linen bed linen, towels and clothing will retain their beauty for many years.

Linen becomes softer and brighter with every wash.
The typical shimmer - also known as a linen lustre - is characteristic and is created by a natural wax coating on the linen fibers and their smooth surface.
Gentle handling with neutral soap and lukewarm water is not harmful to the material and fabric.

Colored and dyed linen should be washed at low temperatures.
Spinning at a low spin speed or gentle wringing out will also help to ensure that linen products last a long time.
Linen can be hung up to dry or wrapped in a terry towel. Linen should not be dried in a tumble dryer, as this will damage the fabric.

It is advisable to iron linen while it is still slightly damp.
This prevents streaks and creases that would otherwise be difficult to remove.

Tips & tricks

- Use neutral washing shampoo or a neutral detergent.
- For best results, use low-limescale washing water
- Treat stains as soon as possible.
- Do not use bleaching agents containing chlorine, as these can yellow the fabric and put unnecessary strain on the linen fibers. Products containing peroborate can be used.
- Information on washing temperature can be found on the care labels of the respective products.
- When hand and machine washing, ensure that the linen is rinsed well. Staining due to oxidation of cellulose can thus be avoided
- Delicate pieces and products with fringes can be washed particularly gently when wrapped in a pillowcase.
- White linen retains its radiant purity best when dried in the sun. Accordingly, colored products should be dried in the shade.
- The soleplate of the iron should always be clean and smooth.
- Limescale deposits on steam irons can leave residues on the fabric. Ensure that there are no deposits before ironing.
- The ironing temperature should be adjusted to the thickness of the fabric. Pure linen can be ironed very hot. The best results are achieved when the products are still slightly damp.
- When traveling, it is advisable to transport linen products in a plastic bag. After hanging them up in the bathroom, creases will disappear as if by magic thanks to the steam!

Removing stains

Check the compatibility of cleaning agents on a hidden area of your product before use!

- Drinks - remove sugary components with lukewarm water, residues with alcohol.
- Coffee and tea - Soften stains with glycerine and add a little ammonia to the water when washing.
- Cosmetics - creams can be treated in the same way as other grease stains. Carefully dab lipstick and face powder with alcohol and then wash with a good detergent.
- Grass - Rub lightly with a cloth soaked in alcohol/ammonia and then wash.
- Grease - Sprinkle with petrol or another solvent and sprinkle with talc to prevent stains from forming. Brush out and wash.
- Ink - Place absorbent paper under the fabric and dab the stain inside out with alcohol or ether. Then rinse with plenty of water and wash with neutral detergent.
- Blood, milk and egg white - Rinse immediately with cold water (egg white coagulates at a temperature of 42°C!) and wash straight away.
Treat dry blood stains with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and a little ammonia.
- Sweat - Treat with water and vinegar or alcohol and ammonia, then rinse. For yellowing, use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
- Egg whites - Always rinse with cold water, otherwise the egg whites will set
- Wine and fruit - Immediately apply salt dissolved in lemon juice or just salt to fresh stains and then wash.


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